Fall Cleanup

Performing a fall cleanup is essential for maintaining the health and aesthetic of your lawn. Timing is crucial, as different tasks may need to be completed at various points throughout the season.
Below is a general guideline for planning your fall cleanup:


Early October

  • Lawn Care: Begin by aerating your lawn to allow water and nutrients to penetrate the roots. Over-seeding and fertilizing during this period can also help to ensure a lush lawn come spring.
  • Tree and Shrub Planting: Fall is an ideal time for planting trees and shrubs as the weather is cool, and the soil is still warm, promoting root growth.


Mid to Late October

  • Leaf Removal: Rake and remove leaves once most have fallen from the trees. Leaves left on the lawn can smother grass and create conditions for diseases.
  • Perennial Trimming: Cut back perennials that die back in the winter to direct energy to the roots.


Early to Mid-November

  • Mulching: Apply mulch to garden beds and around trees and shrubs. Mulching helps insulate the soil, providing protection from winter temperatures.
  • Winterizing Irrigation Systems: Drain and shut off irrigation systems to prevent freezing and damage during the winter months.


Late November to Early December

  • Final Cleanup: Conduct a final yard sweep to remove any remaining leaves and debris. At this point, you can also protect tender plants and shrubs with burlap or another protective covering.

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