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In Ohio, there are many factors working against your lawn – weather, foot traffic, diseases, pests, weeds, and more! Over time, the soil in your lawn becomes tightly compacting, preventing the proper nutrients from reaching your grass roots. Alleviate your grass from stress and enjoy a thicker, healthier lawn with our Lawn Aeration Service!

Grub Control

Grubs are the larval stage of any of several beetles that can do damage to turf grass. Japanese Beetles, Masked Chafers, European Chafers, Green June Beetles and May/June Beetles are the most common pests present.


The larvae live in the soil out of sight and sometimes out of mind. They do their damage by feeding on the roots of grass plants usually in mid to late summer.


The damage shows up when enough feeding has been done to reduce the effective uptake of water to the plant so the plant wilts and dies.  Preventative treatments can be done early in the summer or spot treatments can be done when grub damage begins to develop.


Let us help you be take preventative steps to avoid problems down the road.

Lawn Disease

Lawn fungus can take on many forms. You might notice brown or dead spots, threads, or rings present. For this reason, it can be hard to get rid of once you identify it. Most of the time, it caused by moisture, packed soil, mowing your grass too short, over-watering, using the wrong fertilizer or over fertilizing and humid weather conditions.


The reason they cause so much damage to lawns is that in order to thrive, these fungi essentially steal nutrients from the existing plants and lawn. Once these grasses are deprived of the proper nutrition, they often turn brown/yellow or sometimes die.


We can help you develop a plan of action to bring life back to your lawn.

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